Villa Elections: Fans Stranded As Electoral Committee Proves ‘Unreliable’

SC Villa fans are racing against time to register and join the Club’s Members Trust ahead of Elections.

Only fully registered Villa Members Trust fans who have paid for seasonal membership fee, will be eligible to take part in the Elections due August 28, 2021.

With the Elections due this Weekend, some members are yet to be registered their willingness to pay the required subscription fee of Sh50,000.

Presidential Candidate Dennis Mbidde has revealed his disappointment with the Electoral Committee and says that it is not competent to oversee the elections.

Some SC Villa fans on Wednesday

The deadline for fans registration is today but the platform has reportedly been on and off in the past days.

Mbidde, on Tuesday, stormed the club offices in Industrial Area and asked the Electoral Committee to register fans manually.

One Wednesday, some Villa fans have been stranded at the club offices in Industrial Area awaiting manual registration on Wednesday.

“I advised the Electoral Committee (EC) to register fans manually. The system has proved unreliable,” Mbidde said.

“People are now inconvenienced and it would have been better if they were just registering using the portal.”

“It is completely unfair to let people move from Kisoro or Gulu to Kampala to register or vote!”

One fan expressed his anger: “We are at the office but they are still closed yet this is the final day of registration. We do not know what the Electoral Committee is planning but we should be answerable.”



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