Majidu Musisi’s Mother Implores Mbidde To Fight For Villa Legacy

The mother of late SC Villa legend Majid Musisi, Deborah Namutebi, has called upon Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo to bring back the lost glory and resuscitate the club legacy in the event that the marketing guru is elected to the presidency.

Mbidde is amongst the two contestants that are yearning for the top office in Uganda’s record 16-time Premier League champions with the polling event slated to happen on August 28th 2021.

The heated polls will see him go head-to-head with his most felorious adversary, prominent city lawyer and Member of Parliament for Busiro-East Hon. Medard Lubega Ssegona.

As the race ripens, Namutebi pledged her unwavering support for the former FUFA Executive Committee member and emotionally wept while emphasizing that had to work tirelessly to ensure the glory days come back to the club.

“I feel so happy that Mbidde is contesting for the club presidency. I would like for him to fulfill the expectations and love this club, fight for it like the way the late Patrick Kawooya did.” She stated.

She would continue, without needing any invitation to wax lyrical about the great deeds of her deceased son at the club, highlighting his milestones not only to SC Villa but to Ugandan football as a whole.

According to her, Musisi’s incredible football career is self elaborate and the achievements he registered during his time in the game should be held in high esteem and worn like a badge of honour by the Villa faithful.

In all fairness, it was the work of talented players like Majid Musisi and company that provided the cornerstone to the great history the club enjoys to this present day.

Mbidde’s job according to her will therefore be recreating these magical moments and setting up structures that will help the club win the league which they haven’t done since 2004.

She further advised him to restrain from conflicts that arise thanks to leadership and to establish himself as the figure that brings about harmony so as to remedy the pool of problems that have since ravaged the club.

Mbidde will however have to beat Medard to the presidency first for him to take on these tasks. That in itself will be a job of considerable difficulty considering that the lawmaker is leading the polls already.



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