SC Villa Elections: Mbidde Requests for Shawn Mubiru’s Removal from VEC

SC Villa Presidential candidate and marketing guru Dennis Mbidde has revealed his discontent with club CEO Shawn Mubiru being part of the Electoral Committee.

The development is the latest twist in the upcoming SC Villa Elections due August 28, 2021.

During the candidate briefing held on 17th August, Team Mbidde expressed their reservations and punched holes in Mubiru.

Mbidde’s camp believes that Mubiru is biased and hence should not be involved in online registration and voting process.

They requested that Mubiru should be replaced by another “independent individual.”

Robert Kiggundu, the VEC chairman, says that the Committee will consider removing or asking Mubiru to “recuse himself from this process.”

However, that will be possible if Mbidde’s camp can produce evidence of their complaints in writing.

Kiggundu however adds that his Committee has the capacity to handle the voting process without outside help.

The heated polls will see Mbidde go head to head with Lawyer and MP for Busiro East Medard Ssegona.

The campaigns started on 17th August 2021 and shall end on 25th August 2025 before deciding the fate for what is regarded as the greatest Sports team in Uganda.



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