SC Villa Elections: Mbidde Goes Bare-knuckles Against Ssegona

“Many people have knowledge but lack the ability to discern and make a point to ensure that they enjoy a more sustainable growth. I therefore implore my fans to forgive and treat the insults with the kind of contempt it deserve.”

This was one of the biggest highlights in a prolonged rant with a litany of sour grapes from one of the SC Villa Presidential hopefuls Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo on the morning of Monday August 16th.

The rage was a retaliation to comments from his adversary’s camp which according to him were directed towards tarnishing his good name within the club’s fratanity and bringing the frustration to his candidature.

It is barely a week now since reports associating the marketing mogo with synonymity to financial constraints, which were always bound to pose serious ramifications to his presidential charge, did rounds on both online and print media.

The club CEO Shawn Mubiru however came to dismiss those as being mere rumours that had no strong basis during his media cameo on the #BeyondTheGame sports show hosted on 104.1 Power FM the previous Thursday.

Mbidde was indeed vindicated when he successfully passed through the vetting process and made the final two-man-shortlist from whom the SC Villa electorate get to cast their vote come August 28th.

Before going on a rampage against his only competitor in the race, Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona, Mbidde saw it wise to remind his fans and anyone that cared to listen that his deceased father, the late Charles Jagwe was amongst the founders of this gigantic football club.

It was at this point that he intently questioned the football leadership abilities and people skills of Sseggona and while at it, highlighted that in his entire time in football (both as a fan and in management), Mbidde was yet to take a glimpse at the lawmaker in either a Uganda Cranes games or most importantly an SC Villa games.

He would also remind the electorate the that in his 46 years as a football lover, he hasn’t seen the Busiro-East Member of Parliament support or buy a football for the youth in his constituency or show any interest in the game at all whatsoever.

Mbidde, before waxing lyrical about his reŇ°ume and time in the game also singled out the fact that his competitor was yet to finance a local football club at his village in Budo and that during their time at Makerere University, Sseggona was never interested in the game.

The FUFA executive committee member further mentioned the fact that he was the head of marketing in the Masaza under the late Hon. Bakayita Ssemugabi’s regime before eventually becoming the LC chairman in Kyadondo (Masaza politics) in 2017.

He also interestingly charged an attack for Sseggona’s running mate Joseph Kizito, whose withdrawal from the race came the previous week in an agonizing manner.

Mbidde made mention of his sentiments that the outgoing leadership led by William Nkemba with Kizito as the head of marketing has been the worst regime in the entire history of the record 16-time Uganda Premier League champions.

The poor management under the Nkemba-Kizito tenure was so staggering according to Mbidde that it took him mobilising and soliciting for funds for the club to get to clear the arrears of the players to completion.

He continues to emphasize that it is this discernment and knowledge he possesses that has enabled him to be part of the system at Villa alongside both Shawn Mubiru and FUFA President Moses Magogo in planning for the club.

Quoting King Solomon from the holy bible, whose answer when posed a question about what he wanted from God was wisdom, and the almighty ultimately making him the richest King to ever live, makes Mbidde cherish his great intelligence.

Mbidde assures his fans with all the confidence in the world that he is destined to win the presidency regardless of the circumstances and vows to shed blood for Villa in a bid to rescue this incredible football club form being surrendered to a politician.



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