Acholi Quarters Playground Construction Project Gears Up For Phase Three

The Aliguma Foundation (AF) have been working tirelessly alongside the community in the Acholi Quarters to whither the storm castigated by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure a gradual but yet stable construction of the much anticipated facility in the Kireka-Banda zone.

They have also had to navigate the serious ramifications posed by the recent palpitating rains en route to completion of the second phase and give a commendable facelift to the playground from the dangerously uneven muddy, rocky and dusty initial surface.

The foundation (AF), whose announcement as part of the 16 new children’s projects approved in Africa by UEFA for children through the Sports for Resilience and Empowerment Project (SREP) was in November 2020, is geared towards drastically improving the community.

It targets girls, boys, women and caregivers (including refugees and people with physical incapacitations) living within the Acholi Quarters to provide them with necessary skills so as to start and manage their own businesses, thereby providing sustainability to not only their lives but also family.

An avid farmer Sabiiti Muwanga who is a familiar face in the sports circles especially at the federation where he is a member of the FUFA Appeals Committee but also doubles as the immediate former USPA president got to share his wealth of experience in a three day exercise.

This is what he had to say: “We are very happy with the community who have been co-operative and shown attachment to the project as future beneficiaries.”

He would further speak about the positive effects of the rains who have facilitated the flawless grass planting process with the youth in the community taking to it actively.

His projection was that the facility would be ready for use in 4 to 6months depending on how the pitch was to be watered in the morning and evening times.

“This will surely be a hub of many young talents across different sports disciplines and we therefore don’t expect them to misuse it.” Sabiiti concluded his submission.

Brian Onen, the community youthful team leader was awed by the progress of the project and would speak highly and vocally about how himself and his comrades held this development in high esteem.

“We as the youths in the community are overly excited about this construction since we are yet to see anything as good as this and our commitment is to ensure that the grass comes out well.” Onen highlighted.

The forecasted results for the entire project is the protection of over 2,500 children from exploitation and enabling them go to school, discourage early marriages for the girl child and promote gender equality among the people in the quarters.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Refugee Agency have been the foundation partners and have more often than not offered casual labourers the necessary tools to improve the playing surface of the pitch in Acholi Quarters.

Despite the existence of Covid-19, work has been progressing steadily under strict supervision this week. The second phase is literally done and the energy will now be channeled towards the construction of user-friendly toilets and up-to-scratch changing rooms.



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