Johnathan Mckinstry Still Weighing Up Future Options

Former Uganda Cranes Coach Jonathan Mcknistry has said that he is not short of suitors but still weghing up options.

The Northern Irishman was sacked by FUFA in April after just 18 months at the helm as Cranes Coach.
The 36-year-old’s stint with Uganda added the long list of coaching stints in Africa both at club and national level that decorate his CV.

He says that joining Uganda was an opportunity too good to turn down.
” They were performing well. They qualifed for tournaments. The team was winning, and the expectation was for them to countinue to win”, the Irishman told web portal planet football.

After winning the 2019 CECAFA Cup, it’s when hell broke loose for the Irishman.

Uganda Performed miserably at CHAN tournament in Cameroon sowing the seeds of his sacking.

” We had close to a perfect first year. Then the Covid19 pandemic happened, and everything thing paused. We found it a bit tough to get going again,” he admits.

In keeping with his track record, there has been interest from around the world as he weighs up what to do next.

“I’m not closed off to anywhere. I think my experience in life opens more doors to me but I’m not in it to be a tourist.

“It’s funny, my other half sometimes says to me, ‘Can you not take a job in the Pacific Islands? That would be a nice place to live for a year or two.’ But it’s never like that.”

Jonathan Mcknistry’s coaching journey is one for the restless and what’s wait to be seen is his next coaching role.



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