Big League Playoffs: Zungu Tasks Gaddafi to take their chances

FUFA Big League side Gaddafi FC head Coach Zungu Hassan has made mention of the need for good preparations in order to counter the strength of Nyamityobora in the Playoffs.

The said Playoffs semi-finals happen this Saturday August 14th at the FUFA Technical Centre Njeru. The slated time of kick-off will be midday EAT.

Zungu said this in the aftermath of his side’s (1-0) loss to BUL FC in a friendly game at the same venue.

Gaddafi FC played a friendly with BUL (right). Gaddafi FC photo

This is what he had to say:

“Our biggest problem has been the behaviour infront of goal, we do create chances but never take them. This will have to change when we face Nyamityobola who have been so impressive in the entire campaign.”

He would go further to expound on the type of challenge his opponents pose saying:

“They are a hugely aggressive side who press high above the pitch but our only counter to that will be offensive, something we have been brilliant at especially in terms of moving the ball forward.”

He further highlighted the fact that the Playoffs were on a knockout basis and also implored his forward players to be ruthless enough while in the advanced positions of the pitch.

Gaddafi preparing for Big League playoffs

There is however no shying away from the fact that Nyamityobora are a strong team who finished third in the Rwenzori side of FUFA Big League and Gaddafi FC have to effectively prepare in order to overcome this hard task.

They have so far competed in two friendly matches with Uganda Premier League clubs with the first one being a one all draw against UPDF and a (1-0) loss to BUL FC.

It is also important to recall that Gaddafi FC finished second in the Elgon Group with 24 points, seven wins, three draws and four losses.



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