SC Villa Elections: Mbidde Set For Agonizing Withdrawal

SC Villa Presidential hopeful Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo is expected to communicate his unprecedented withdrawal from the race this evening courtesy of his inability to raise the required funds that would have had him compete for this much desirable position.

According to the Villa Electoral Commission, a threshold of Ugx.118.65M is expected to be raised by a candidate if they harbour any desires of consolidating powers at the 16-time record Uganda Premier League champions.

Mbidde however hasn’t managed to raise these funds and has until 5:00PM EAT, Thursday 12th August to either report with the money or declare his withdrawal from the race.

The former FUFA Executive Committe member had earlier successfully made the three-man shortlist as the committee set up a road map to the elections but might agonizingly fail the vetting process.

The other candidates on the list are Busiro East Member of Parliament Medard Lubega Sseggona and SC Villa head of communications Joseph Kizito.

Mbidde has since mobilized an executive committee that constitutes of 15 members with the most notable one being Alexander Kibandam as his senior Vice President.

The other familiar faces on his executive committee are Dr. Wangoola Robert Mandela and Daniel Bakaki who both subscribe to the Vice President role.

The fear from his camp however is that the majority of these members will most likely withhold their signatures after learning about his financial constraints.

The Jogoos will go to the poles on Saturday August 28th but the uncertainty about the number of candidates that will have maintained their stay in the race still remains.

Reports of Joseph Kizito struggling to organize an executive committee might just eventually grant Medard Sseggona a free candidacy shot at the presidency.



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