Cheptegei Needs Sh1.7bn to Complete Training Facility In Kapchorwa

5000m World Record holder, World Championhip and Olympic gold medal medalist Joshua Cheptegei has launched a 100-day fundraising drive to complete his training facility in Kapchorwa.

Fresh from winning gold (5000m) and Silver (10,000m) at the just concluded 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Cheptegei highlighted the fact that his initiative was Ugx.1.7bn away from completion.

Construction work at this humongous facility that sits on a six-acre land, was commenced on November 20, 2018 and has since taken a delay.

While addressing the press on Thursday morning at Serena hotel, the Ugandan hero expounded on his motivates for starting the project which don’t stretch beyond promoting talent among youth in Sebei and across the country.

He further confirmed that he had spent an amount in excess of Sh1.9bn to complete a staggering 60% work on this .

“Over the last years, I have dedicated my winnings from the race track towards the construction of a training centre that is built to international standards and can act as a vehicle for young athletics talent in Uganda and beyond to achieve their dreams, like mine, of winning gold,” a calm Cheptegei said.

He would use this platform to launch the 100-day public fundraising drive to raise the required amound as work to complete the project intensify.

“The money will go towards the construction of a world-class hostel facility with fitness and other related equipment for athletes in the region and global events.”

He further revealed that the state of the art facility will also have a museum for Ugandan athletes geared towards adding to the tourism devidents as well.

“This (museum) will teach the value and ethics of Ugandan athletes while authentically telling their story.”

The excellency of Sports in Uganda has been majorly hindered by the inadequate facilities and Cheptegei should be commended for his big investment in infrastructure.

The construction of Teryet high altitude training centre is yet to be completed over nine years now since the inception of the project.

The construction of Nakivubo has also since created a big stir and other facilities like Kakyeka, Barifa, Masaka, Mbale among other regional stadiums are in dire state and might just be beyond redemption.

How To Support Joshua Cheptegei’s Drive:

MTN Momo Pay (free of charge)
Merchant Code: 319325

Uganda Shillings Account
Cheptegei Joshua Kiprui
Stanbic Bank, Kapchorwa Account

Dollar Account
Cheptegei Joshua Kiprui
Stanbic Bank, Kapchorwa Branch



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