He is Traumatised – Ssekitoleko’s Pregnant Wife Cries Out

Desire Nampewo, the wife to Uganda Weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko, has cried out to Government for help.

In dramatic turn of events, Ssekitoleko vanished in Japan, handed himself in before he was bought back in the country on Friday.

He spent a night in Police Custody where he is still being held, by press time.

Speaking to KFM Sports Show on Saturday morning, Nampewo revealed that Police has denied her a chance to speak to her husband.

“Right now am in a bad situation, I am carrying a baby, I am going through pain and I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment,” a tearful Nampewo revealed.

“But I want to tell the Minister and Government to help us and release my husband because am currently not fine.

“I have not been able to talk to him, no one has explained to me the current situation.

“There is a man who came and told me everything is going to be fine but they later took my husband without saying anything. Right now I need to talk to him, I don’t know what is going on.”

She added: “We have been chased out of the house, we are not fine at all, and right now am staying with my sister.”

Ssekitoloke fled the team camp in Izumisano after he was told that he had not made the grade to take part in Tokyo games.

He left a note saying that he intended to remain and work in Japan.

Nampewo said that his Husband was not escaping but rather trying to find financial help.

“He was expecting a lot from those games, and they didn’t explain to him why he had failed to qualify. He left a note that he was looking for a job. Right now he needs help, he needs people to comfort him.

“He is tramatised. Right now he doesn’t need to be in jail, he needs someone to comfort him because he even collapsed at Kibuli Police and then they claimed that he was just resting.

“One time when he went to Australia, on coming back thieves attacked him, they banged his head so you never know those things are disturbing him, we are worried as a family. He is been through a lot, and we need Government to help.”



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