Moses Magogo: We Have Brought Sanity to Uganda Football

FUFA President Moses Magogo says his leadership has brought tranquility to the local football.

Magogo, who is set return as Uganda’s FA boss for the third term made the remarks while being hosted on Urban TV show Rush Hour.

He scoffed at critics saying that they are hell-bent to ignite foot ball wars back to Ugandan Football

“Actually there are no more wars in football” he stated.

“Within football there those we call stakeholders that are internal and external, the media and the fans falls under external”.

The Federation president concedes that FUFA had cases of misfighting but now that’s history since he has now cleaned the house.

“By then wrangles were wide spread. Among the players, coaches, Administrators, delegates but it’s now no morw the house is very clean and stable”.

“Those who are fighting wants to enter here because they see that there’s money now do you know building from 4 billion to 40 billion now they keep on wondering and saying I wish I also enter there that’s why they keep on fighting so that I can give them some or they overthrow me, no thats not how it is now I use brain and knowledge”.

Magogo states that local football has a governing body and those intending to govern it, they should go through right procedures.

“But the most important thing is that football is protected that’s what they don’t know”.

“Football is not like mayor that everyone will elect, football is elected by football people as long as you are inside football and that’s not in Uganda alone but world over”.

Moses Magogo went unopposed for FUFA Presidency after Mujid Kasule and Allan Sewanyana withdrew because they failed to get the required signatures. The election is scheduled for August in Mbale.

“If it was for mayor everyone in the street would vote but this is football only those inside football will vote”, “so those voters see and say okay what has happened certain things happen between us and the clubs”.

Magogo claims that he has changed the image of Ugandan football and the league is more competitive since he introduced medical insurance for every player and paying air tickets for every club that qualifies for continental football.

“If I tell you today all clubs in Uganda are spending money those days clubs would fear to win trophies but now every club that qualifies to the continent FUFA caters for their air tickets clubs travel all over the continent and how can you tell a person not to vote Magogo”.

“Every player in the Premier League FUFA pays for them medical insurance as a federation”.

“Even fairness we are very fair to every team, there is no team you can say is favored”.

Magogo was criticized by the football fraternity for mocking the CHAN team for what he claimed they played Shitty football.

“I have never said any statement in football and I contradicted because I do research so if you attack Magogo make sure you are well packaged.”



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