FUFA Player Status Committee Opens Up On Delayed Decision Making

With a number of players embroiled in discord at respective clubs, there is a tinge of feeling that the FUFA Player status committee has cast a blind eye on the proceedings.

However, the committe’s chairman Richard Ochomo says they are aware of the issues and devising means of how these cases are to be settled.

“Maybe what I can tell you its a procedure we follow when players write to us,” Mr.Ochomo exclusively told The-SportsNation.

“We seek more information from the club after players write to us and see what’s really going on after hearing from both sides and we can see what the law says if there is a breach of contract or not.”

KCCA FC’s Charles Lwanga is the latest player to be set free by the player status committee over non payment fee from SC Villa that saw him move as a free agent.

Also SC Villa’s Ronald Ssekiganda is the other player to be reported seeking intervention of the player status committee. However, in a surprise turn of events, the player categorically refutated the claims.

Ochomo also says decision making has stalled because of the prevailing Covid-19 conditions.

“For now you can see its COVID delaying us but we have tried our level best to settle matters between players and clubs,” he added.

The player status committee chairman also says even though breach of contract is a pertinent issue, they also play a mediation role.

“Its not that all the time these players write to us about breach of contract, its also our obligation to bring both parties to negotiations maybe they can work together again.

“Right now we are all not nearby because I’m in Kuumi but as the committee we are following this closely.

“What I request from the players is patience because we are also trying to protect our image as well as the clubs because they invest”. Ochomo added.

Ochom Richard- Chairman
Mawadri Charles Delson- V/Chairman
Kizito Lawrence-Member
Mohammed Faisal- Member
Sejjengo Sulaiman- Member



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