SC Villa Plot To Sign Eight ‘Exceptional’ Players, Face Sh504m debt

SC Villa have taken baby steps back to where they are supposed to be, per revelations in the ongoing inaugural Congress meeting.

The Sleeping Giants and 16-time record UPL winners have been a shadow of themselves since they last won the league in 2004.

The Club has lined up an estimated player transfer kit of Sh100m to bring eight ‘exceptional’ new signings in the ongoing transfer market.

This has been revealed in the first congress meeting which is being hosted by FUFA president Moses Magogo and chaired by interim Villa President William Nkemba.

The Congress which is being attended by paid up Villa Members Trust, is trying to forge away forward for the club’s future mainly in terms of administration.

Issues about election road map of the Club President and Executive Board, Sporting and Business status of the Club among others are being tackled.

The Congress has revealed a proposed budget of Sh2bn for the coming season that will cater on Match Operations, Salaries and Administration expenses among others.

The total arrears revealed is sh504m which has accrued in the last three seasons including salaries for players and non playing staff.



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