Moses Golola Cries Out For Help From Prime Minister Nabbanja


The Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja became a household name in Uganda ever since she assumed her office and this can be attributed largely to the COVID 19 relief package that she promised Ugandans.

Everybody has been chanting her name in the recent past and these included kickboxer Moses Golola who came out to plead for help from her.

The motor-mouthed kickboxer said that he has been waiting for the Minister’s mobile money message in vain.

He hilariously added that he called the customer care number to prove that the sim card was in his names.

Golola further said that he’s training for a fight in a week’s time that will be held in South Sudan adding that he needs Ugx 5 million to transport him and his manager.

The kickboxer, in a Spark tv interview, said that the last lockdown didn’t ill treat him like this one has done.

This was because the government gave him and his boxers posho and beans but they are yet to see anything this time round.

Moses Golola. The Sun photo

“I have been waiting for Nabbanja’s 100k but in vain. I therefore hold her accountable for my weight loss because I nolonger eat very well.

“The other times I used to be feeding on a jug of porridge but I have nothing now. I’m urging the government to reach out to us at least with a tonne of posho for us to feed. We are people who do something for this country and therefore should be thought about too.”

Golola has however been quiet as he last took to the rings in 2019. Then, Golola needed just three rounds to out-punch Umar Semata in the K1 one sided rematch at Freedom City, Namasuba.

He recently announced that he will dare South Sudanese James Majok Dau on July 30th in the K1 style at Nyakourn Centre.

“In a week I will be going to represent my country in South Sudan and I will need transportation of around Ugx5 million to cater for me and my manager.”

Umar Semata and Moses Golola. Monitor photo

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Golola also questioned how events promoters like Balaam and Abitex hadn’t thought about him yet since they are the ones who make money in his fights.

And as he’s commonly known for his great sense of humor, he couldn’t sign out minus making some hilarious comments.

Golola said that he was going to show how he’s the king in the ring and not in the bed with his upcoming fight.

He’s surely been off the radar and majority of people had supposedly forgotten about his comical words.

It should be remembered that Golola came to prominence in 2011 when he beat South Sudan’s Abdul Qadir Rahim.

He is mostly remembered for humiliating Titus Tugume in the shortest time ever recorded in Uganda. He also eased past Abu Kikenwa , Ronald Mugula, Umaru Semata in the re-martch among other wins.

Golola lost to Andras Nagy in 2011, Mate Zsamboki at Kyadondo in 2012 and in 2014 against US’ Richard Abraham at Speke Hotel in Munyonyo.



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