Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa Announces Return to Local Netball

Vipers SC president Lwarance Mulindwa is a man who has moral athourity to talk about netball issues in the Country for his contribution to the Sport.

He was the chief financer for the Local netball league four years ago whilst his St.Mary’s SSS has produced netball talents over the years.

However, following a spell on the pheriphery of the Sport, the Newly elected UNF president Sarah Babirye seems to have interested the former FUFA Boss back to the Sport.

Mulindwa was among the high profile personalities who graced the opening of Federation’s new offices at old Kampala.

The feat left Dr. Mulindwa elated.

“I am very happy that Uganda Netball Federation put up offices where we can find them, Netball is a big sport, them getting office and launching strategic plan is a milestone for the game, with this leadership, I have confidence that the game will spread to all parts of the country. ” Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa said.

New Netball Offices. UNF photo

He adds that despite Uganda Qualifying for Various Netball World Cups in the past, the game is still struggling on the local front.

“Netball is a big sport, it has been local, and we need to go international, even if we have been going to world cup, there was something missing, publicity and marketing has been seriously bad. So we need rebranding to see that we reach to the international level, the sky will be the limit.”

Mulindwa announced his commitment to the sport following two years of no show.

“I sponsored the league for four years but I was just helping, there was no foundation, no structures, no progress, I think that’s why I pulled out. But with this new arrangement, they have Secretariat, marketing team, we can join hands to see that the game grows.

I am ready to put money in Netball to see that its a great game. Netball is an easy sport to manage, only urge media to also give us support.”




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