KCCA FC’s Aggrey Ashaba Faults FUFA For Another UPL Premature Finish

KCCA Vice Chairperson Aggrey Ashaba has blamed the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) after the Uganda Premier League had another premature end.

For the second season running, the UPL campaign was ended due to Covid19 with three to four match-days still on the card.

Ashaba says that FUF should be responsible after allowing the league take a three-week break during the season.

The League was put on hold as the Uganda Cranes prepared for their international friendly with South Africa in June.

There were actually 23 days break from matchweek 26 to matchweek 27.

Action between Express (Red) and KCCA. KCCA FC media photo

Ashaba who made the remarks on a weekly KCCA TV show on Sanyuka TV on Sunday hosted by club PR Moses Magero Mwanje, said that the break was unnecessary.

Despite the Vice Chairperson agreeing that the law allows a league break for a national team engagement, he said that FUFA and UPL showed some laxity.

“I think the law provides for such engagements but my only disappointment would be in the fact that there was a bit of laxity that allowed for this law to prevail,” Ashaba stated.

Express were declared the league champions after FUFA applied a force majeur which is the second time that the league has ended prematurely after Vipers were awarded the trophy last season because of the pandemic.

“The law is supposed to cure issues of force majeure, things which are unpredictable, things which happen because of forces of nature, but in this case if you look for example we had to rest for about 3 weeks because the national team is going to play friendly.”

“This is not a major tournament, and then you put the whole national league on the back peddle to allow 25 players, some of which are not even playing in the league, to go ahead and play in a friendly in South Africa, the time which would have allowed us to actually complete this league.”

Aggrey Ashaba. Fufa photo

Ashaba said that FUFA and UPL risk management would have anticipated for another lockdown after events of last season.

“We should not allow situations that takes us to such a precedent. It happened last season because we were not prepared of COVID and so many things were happening.

“This time we played the league under circumstances that were abnormal but we normalized them because we allowed games to go on.

“So we should have been able to predict a plan to make sure that we had the pass on what was happening in the eco-system around us.

“We would have been able to predict that there would be a looming or a pending lockdown and then be able to complete the league in a shorter period and as quickly as possible.”

URA and Vipers, sitting a point apart in second and third respectively, still had a chance to leapfrog champions Express FC while Kyetume had to face a relegation sword in boardroom.



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