Magogo: Local Clubs Should Strive To Become Big Brands

Federation of Uganda Football Association president Eng. Moses Magogo says local clubs are still lagging behind to become big brands.

The Fufa president made the remarks at the Dug Out sports show on Saturday at Nxt Radio.

Ugandan clubs at all levels are still struggling financially and a solution to turn around their fortunes is yet to be found.

The Club Pro Agenda programme was inaugurated in in 2016 (optional) by FUFA and It was made mandatory in 2016 for UPL Clubs, then in 2018 Big League teams were enrolled, but it is yet to reap tangible rewards.

“It is a total disappointment because we are using two tools to turn around the clubs. One of them is the club pro Agenda, here we go and sit down with the clubs and say step by step where is the challenge in terms of governance,” Magogo stated.

“So we discuss with the clubs and say, look this is the best way to do things ,some clubs have responded, some haven’t and those that are trying you can see there is a bit of light for example like KCCA, Vipers and Express in their CEO, and I could say this again that the most empowered CEO in the UPL is the one at Express, it’s not a surprise that they are champions.”

Express FC CEO Isaac Mwesigwa

With the programme put in place, Magogo adds on that clubs are not yet at the level of brands they are supposed to be.

“The real challenge is that our clubs are not yet at the level of brands that they should be because making money commercially you must create a brand.

Now a club brand starts from the people that compose the club, from the administrators to the players.

“Until we create stars in the sport at the level of clubs, and that comes from consistency in performance.

“Creating brands at clubs is still a challenge and for football, the brand starts from the sport itself, it’s not about winning games, it’s about how do you walk out to the fans.”

Magogo with Cecafa champions KCCA FC

However, the Budiope East Member of Parliament says that Fufa has tried to play their role and the clubs also should follow suit.

“And now thats not a job for only clubs but for FUFA as well. But as FUFA we can’t do much, this is the business of the clubs,” he added.

“Somebody who starts a football club is a business man, professional football is about business at the level of clubs.

“But sometimes even the decisions we do at club level are not business oriented like players running out of contracts and many issues.”

Financial constraints remains the biggest undoing of local clubs with most of them surviving on gate collections and wealthy club owners.

Vipers has attracted some of the biggest brands on land. Courtesy



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