Ex-Players’ Struggles Blamed On FUFA

Uganda Soccer Legends have come to the rescue of former players who are failing to make ends meet.

Through their association, they have mobilised resources to better the lives of their former colleagues as the country wide Covid19 lockdown sucks life out of the feeble economy.

The likes of Sula Kato, Issa Sekatawa, Ali Semyalo and Coach Nyombi Edriss have been the beneficiaries.

This has been done under their organisation Uganda soccer Legends headed by Jackson mayanja as President, George William Simwogerere, Sam Ssimbwa, Dan Ntare, Gibby Kalule and Issa Sewanyana as Patron.

Ex-Player’s struggles levelled towards FUFA

“We are determined to rescue our fellow players from these trying moments of Covid19,” the statement from Uganda Soccer Legends read.

“FUFA’s corrupt scheme and discrimination was the main reason why we lost our former stars such as Jimmy Kirunda, Friday Senyonjo, John Mandwara.”

Jimmy Kirunda participated in three of the AFCON tournaments. He was manager of the national team between 1989 and 1996.

“Covid-19 relief money from FIFA for Special Interest groups ended in the pockets of a few. Now we are in another lock down and some of our brothers are in desperate need.

“Now with the Selfless Mayanja Jackson, we are going to look at not only welfare,but to even take steps to Rescue the game from a corrupt, Self seeking and fradulent Fufa.

“Clubs are under fear and are exploited making them un able to pay their players.

“If Ronaldo or Messi the most desired players in the world cant sign a ten year contract, why impose a 10 year sponsorship contract on the clubs?

“We are back together to revive this Association which had a big role in the prosperity of Ugandan football before the self seekers suspendee it from the assembly for their selfish motives.”



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