Consider Boxers For Covid19 Relief As Well – Uhuru Writes to PM Nabbanja

The Uganda Professional Boxing Commission President Salim Uhuru has proposed to Government to have plans for boxers ahead of the distribution of Covid19 relief funds.

The Ugandan Government recently announced that it will give shs100,000 to each vulnerable person as Covid relief.

The National Task Force, under the office of the the Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja, issued out a list of the vulnerable poor who are liable to get the relief.

Uhuru, who doubles as the Central Division Mayor was however left puzzled when Boxers (and Sportsmen) where not included on the list that has Bus/taxi drivers, baggage carriers, Bar men, Food vendors, Musicians etc.

Uhuru says that the Government should have the boxers in mind because they have been out of action for almost two years.

“I decided to go to the Prime Minister’s office but I was shocked to see no boxers list. Its almost two years without them fighting. They are now very vulnerable,” he told Fred Kisekka.

“I ask them and the Ministry of Healthy to consider the boxers. I also saw General Paul Major Lokech and bought the idea.”

Uhuru says that he hopes that the Boxers will be in the system because they need cushion.

He also stressed that the Boxing Promoters have lost a lot and wants them to be on the receiving end of Government relief to stay on their feet.

“These promoted had invested a lot, we had a fight for ‘Great Strikers’ which was also cancelled. ‘Step to step’ also had a fight which was cancelled as well.”

He termed the situation as ‘very unfortunate’ before stating thay he has over 70-80 professional boxers. The amateurs should also be considered as well in this.”



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