Vipers Ready To Break Bank For a Professional coach – Mulindwa

Vipers SC director Lawrence Mulindwa revaled that the aspect of professionalism is key as they mount a search for a new coach.

He made the remarks in media conference held at Kitende on a Monday morning.

The FUFA honary President, who talked at breadth about the current status of Ugandan Football, was sheding light on the issue of the next Vipers coach.
Vipers are without a head coach following the resignation of Fred Kajoba from the role in May this year.

Kajoba decided to lay down his tools on Monday, May 31, a day before the Venoms were slated to face SC Villa in the Uganda Cup last eight second leg.

He says they need to first work on their Technical bench for that has been a frustration over the past years.

“One area which we need to work on which has been a frustration over the years is the teachnical bench. I remember one time I called you here and I said we have brought a coach who is going to stay here.

“But recruitment of coaches at times is like trial marriages, you try and abort but you keep time and say this is right wife who i am going to marry but you discover after three years that you married someone who is not fit for you. This is where we are. He said reflecting on the long list of who have managed the Kitende based side.

He added, “At times we depend on papers, someone has got the framework, qualification, has been highly recommended then you bring someone.

Some people have been counting the number of coaches we have been having for the last ten years, yes they have been many.

It is understood that Kajoba who took over from Edward Golola in January 2020 opt out after he was asked by the club’s Technical Director Charles Masembe to choose between his role with the National team and the one at Vipers

For a club that hires and fires coaches at will, it would be understandable if local coaches shy away from the huge task at Vipers or its because of the pressure.

However, Mulindwa says local coaches are still lacking and need refresher trainings to keep up to modern trends.

“One, there is a problem in Uganda, and I think very soon I will talk to the Federation. We need refresher trainings for these coaches, they are so lacking, yes they have papers because in Africa you don’t take long to get them.

“But that aspect of professionalism is missing and that is the major problem we have they are not professionals. If you can’t with stand pressure which kind of person are you?. You see pressure is everywhere, if you see at Vipers there is a lot of pressure, then you are not fit the here.

To any job it always calls for pressure to get the desired results, something Mulindwa admits.

“A person who fears pressure is not a good person, pressure must exist if results are to come. You must work under deadlines. To give perfect work. When someone is outside Vipers, they talk a lot that if am given a chance at Kitende, with all the players they have, you give them they fail, they run away.

“Because for us we want results, I will never stop to look for results. Look at chelsea, lampard had failed, they brought a coach who made it happen. So this football is a gamble, you must get the results.”

Former KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi has been heavily linked to the Viper’s coaching vacant post.

Blooding and adding value to young players.

“We need a coach who will come and add value to these players here. We have so many players here, we are the manufacturers from St. Mary’s Kitende as a school and Vipers youth structures but are those players being used properly or you are already looking for the already finished products from other clubs and outside Uganda and so on.”

He added “So we need a kind of coach who has experienced, has exposure, has seen enough. Somebody with character, someone with winning mentality, a coach who can be inspected by the players, one who has come to achieve, and not celebrating because you have won the Uganda Cup, no we want a coach who will strengthen our youth Programs.”

In recent times, Vipers have been signing players from other clubs, hence not utilising their junior players from their feeder side,St. Mary’s Kitende.

About this matter, Mulindwa says the past coaches have not utilised the school’s talent and now it is the time to get a professional coach.

“We have a lot of talent, those players from senior six they are very many, but what has been your contribution since you came. If I ask the past coaches we have had, including the recent one, what has been your contribution from the time you arrived here, he may fail to mention any. Okay he could mention I became number one, by Ugandan standards that could be as hero, which is not the case. Some of the facilities I have built, you can continue taking trophies for the next three years.

“We need a coach who is very professional, somebody with character, enough exposure, he has seen enough, somebody who I going to conquer African football. If it all requires to break the bank, I will do that and get that coach. I don’t mind whether it will take time, but that is where I want Vipers to be,” Mulindwa stated.



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