Magogo Opens Up On Past TV Deals In Ugandan Football

FUFA President Moses Magogo revealed his involvement in negotiations for the past broadcasting Tv deals in Ugandan football.

The remarks come in the midst of accusations that Magogo owns the Satellite Plus company that produced the Women Leagues and Uganda Cup this year.

In August 2018, StarTimes secured both the Uganda Premier League and FUFA Big League broadcasting rights, in a 10 year deal worth $7,240,000 (26b).

The pay Tv took over from Azam TV whose deal with the league was worth $1.9M for a period of three and a half years.

Speaking on Thursday at the Tutegeere Omupiira show on FUFA FM, The Fufa boss started by highlighting on how the deals came to fruition.

“First, I was among the people that negotiated the Gtv deal, it was bringing 530,000 Dollars in cash but it wasn’t successful as Gtv had collapsed,” be stated.

“The second deal was Smart tv, I was involved in the negotiations but it also failed, even for the SuperSport deal I was in with Mr. Kavuma Kabenge, it was bringing 350,000 Dollars in cash but there was a conflict between FUFA and the people in Super League that’s why that deal also failed.”

For Azam, I was the same person who brought that deal, we went to Tanzania and agreed with the owner of Azam, we talked to Mr. Denis Mbidde, the deal was worth 500,000 Dollars per year.”

“Then finally Startimes came in, which everybody knows I was involved in bringing it on board, they contribute 680,000 dollars annually.

Magogo also explained the five players that are key in broadcasting games on televisions:

  1. Owner of football – He is the one who sells the rights to allow you to bring your cameras. In constitution of FUFA it says, Fufa and it’s members are the original owners of the rights (article 80) and it’s the same article in FIFA. Ownership is so important since it plays a great role.
  2. Production company – There are companies that specialize in different roles. There is a company that can specialise in bringing it’s cameras, wires and all its machines, slow motions, sounds and it makes the signal. Signal may be electric, electro magnetic and optical. That’s the production we are talking about.
  3. Transmission – The one supposed to transfer the signals to the television. It maybe a telecom company. In most cases its always the telecom companies that do this role.
  4. Broadcaster – He transfers the signal to the channel he or she has selected to the television or through use of the internet.
  5. Businessman – Corporate company, they decide on the time when to show these games. They bring adverts that are shown during games. This is the person that brings in money. Today, football is all about Television rights. For example in English premier league, when clubs like Arsenal or Man United are building Stadiums, they build it with cameras within.

He added, “Producing football is something very expensive, all the processes I have mentioned above are costly and in Ugandan environment, there are a few people who can invest such money, they don’t exist.

“That’s why it has been hard to broadcast our games, If I tell you to give me one goal from Majid Musisi, it might be hard.”

The StarTimes deal is the longest deal in Ugandan football after it was signed for 10 years.



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