Magogo Gives Tips On How to Become a Professional Player

Becoming a professional player is every player’s dream as its a great milestone to any football career. However, becoming a professional calls for a lot of time and things to be done right inorder to get there.

In Uganda, many players have got a chance to live that dream, but at most times failed to stay longer on the journey.

Speaking on the Tutegeere Omupiira show on Fufa FM, FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo tipped players on what it takes to become professionals.

  1. Technical competency; A player’s abilities on the ball. We have things like ball control, Passing the ball in the right direction, with the intended message, dribbling the ball, heading the ball, getting the ball without tackling the player, kicking the ball with the intended purpose, targeting to the right direction. So these are the attributes for the usual players but for the goalkeeper you add on Catching as another skill.
  2. Tactical awareness. The Do’s and Dont’s
    Playing with or without the ball, being in the right place at the right time to receive the ball. The player must be able to know their roles on the pitch. Interpreting the coache’s instructions on the pitch. In today’s professional football, it’s all about instructions, a player must follow instructions. A player must apply these instructions on the pitch.
  3. Physcial competency of a player, acceleration and physical attributes to drive the ball, stamina to play in various positions on the pitch
  4. physcology – That is the player must have a focused mind on and off the pitch, a player must be prepared physcologically so as to deliver on the pitch. This encompasses what is also demanded of a footballer in the modern game.
  5. Life Style – The way you eat, rest and live is all that matters, football is all about sacrifices and giving your best. A player must sacrifice a lot to get there.

Magogo said that any player who dreams of going professional, must pick a leaf from the above to get where he/she would want to go.

Uganda has had many players who have enjoyed successful spells in the paid ranks abroad – Like Ibrahim Ssekagya, Andy Mwesigwa, Denis Onyango, Mike Azira among others, but the wait to have one break into Europe’s top five leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1) still continues.



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