They Were Not Serious – Magogo Blasts Mujib, Ssewanyana

The Federation of Uganda football Association President Engineer Moses Hashim Magogo says that the people who intended to run against him for the FUFA Presidency seat were “not serious”.

Magogo, who is set for the third term as Ugandan Football Association top boss and at the same time serve as Budiope East member of Parliament, made those remarks at the Press Box Sports show at Ntv on Monday.

This means that Magogo is set to Juggle roles of being both the FUFA President and Member of Parliament, something that has provoked mixed reactions in various quarters.

Magogo said the plan to become a legislator was to sound football ideas and plans on the Parliamentry floor with consummate ease. He, However highlighted the achievements that his leadership has pulled-off.
“At the same time when I took over FUFA in 2013, at that time we had about eight staff but now we have over 60 staff who are running the Federation.

“Our job as executive is to take decisions and implementation which is supposed to take a lot of time is done by the secretariat, headed by Edgar Watson, so we believe we have created a system, football has reached a level where it needs parliament more than a president who is solving issues of football because we have done issues inside football.

“Now football needs bigger things, we need money regulations, such things require us to go where they are supposed to be done and when you come to parliament, yes its not a full time job, there are very many ministers, members of parliament who are also doing other things.”

In the recent Fufa elections, Magogo was norminated as a sole candidate by the Fufa electoral committee after his fellow contestants dropped out of the race.

One of the people that were running for the seat, Proline FC Director Mujid Kasule said the rules that permit one to contest for the FUFA presidency do not have any problem but the incumbent Magogo manipulates them, something Magogo says its wrong.

“First of all no ne has tampered with the rules, these electoral rules were done in 2012, they have never been changed the areas we are talking about how elections are conducted, how people become candidates have never been changed.

“The good thing Kasule was one of the people who did these rules, and then I was not even president. So I have not changed rules that are electoral, so to me thats wrong to say I Manipulate with the rules. I don’t organise elections, elections in FUFA are organized in accordance to the statutes and it’s the same way they are organized in FIFA,” he said.

He added, “The challenge is that the people who come up to stand are not serious people. If you are going to stand to beat a candidate of like me with a capital of football that I have invested and made, you need to do your homework very well because the people inside football are not complaining, they understand where we have come from and where we are going.

“People want to organize the Fufa elections in a normal way like any other elections held, football elections are done on a certain template which is not even produced by us but by FIFA.The electoral committee is elected in accordance with the statue.”

Magogo has been FUFA president for two terms now since taking over from Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa in 2013 and now he is set for the third term in office.



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