Magogo On Mckinstry and FUFA Plans To Help 10 Local Coaches

FUFA Boss Moses Magogo has finally lifted lid on the decision to sack former Uganda Cranes coach Jonathan Mckinstry.

The Northern Irishman was relieved of his duties on April 19, bringing an end to his one and half year spell with the National team.

During the period, Mckinstry helped Uganda win the 2019 Cecafa, leaving with a 67% win rate all together.

However, a poor show at 2020 CHAN championship in Cameroon triggered his sacking. However, the Federation initially asked him to step aside on March 2 for a month-long period before they wedged their knife.

When asked to open up about the matter and Mckintsry’s tenure in the country, Magogo who was appearing on NTV Pressbox, stated:

“The time we agreed for him to step aside, was simply to assess and see if it was not him who was influencing because we were not happy with the results of the team at the time.

“But at the same time it was also giving us ample time to disengage in a very civilised way because we are a federation, we have disengaged with coaches before and for us we believe in relationship with who ever has worked with us for purposes of ambassadorial roles for the Cranes and Uganda.

“So we took all that time until we reached a point when we agreed to mutually terminate an agreement and I think this was good for Uganda. But at the same time, we are using this time to also make sure that when we engage the new coach, we make sure that we bring a person where we have the same goals.”

The Cranes have been under the stewardship of Coaches Abdallah Mubiru, Livingston Mbabazi and Fred Kajoba.

Magogo says that FUFA is looking at a transition so that they create a new team that will pick at the time when they play the qualifiers of the 2026 World Cup.

“When we compete for the 2026 World Cup, we also want to compete for the consequent AFCON, but we want a coach who is going to generate a new team. That coach is not an every day coach, we have been a little slow (in naming a new coach), but we have been a little careful and we believe that when come out with the decision, it will be the most correct.”

Magogo also commended the work done by Mubiru, Mbabazi and Kajoba: “They have done a good job, there are so many other forces and factors that give results which we eventually see, the coaches is among those factors.

“They have done a good job in trying to steady the ship, I believe that whether they take the job or not, its a credit that must go to them.”

He revealed that FUFA has plans to take 10 local coaches abroad for further studies.

Magogo explained: “As FUFA, we have a project that we are coming up with of fast tracking the best local coaches, we are going for middle-aged coaches, we are taking them to the best schools.

“Our objective is to give them more exposure. Countries like Senegal have achieved a lot because they have former players who have played across Europe hence exposed, we have not had many players like them who are into coaching, but we can still catch up. It will be on our cost as a Federation.

“Among those 10 coaches, Abdallah and Mbabazi are included. But, its not about the National team, its the league as well.”



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