Joseph Ssemujju: 10 Questions With BUL FC Winger

BUL FC winger Joseph Ssemujju is without doubt one of the most exciting players to watch in Ugandan football.

He is gifted with pace, skill and craft which has made him one of the most feared men wide of the pitch.

The former Vipers, Express, Villa and Proline midfielder has added goals to his name.

In fact, when the league was halted due to Covid19, he had notched 11, just five behind leading goalscorer Yunus Ssentamu of Vipers.

He has two goals from four Uganda Cup games, not to mention the four assists he has garnered in the league.

He started his career in Masuliita, and he wants a place on the senior national team, the Uganda Cranes.

During an exclusive interview with the Sports Nation, this is what the forward said.

Ssemujju, what are your childhood memories?
Ssemujju: My name is Ssemujju Joseph born on 27th May 1997 in Buziga and grew up in Masuliita, Wakiso. I don’t have good memories because I grew up an orphan.

How did you start playing football?
Ssemujju: I started playing soccer in Masuliita with an Academy called Kick it soccer academy in 2008.
The person I can say who inspired me to start playing football was called Hamis Salulu, he played for Express way back but I saw him play in Masuliita United at our local playground.

What is your best and worst moment as a footballer?
Ssemujju: My worst moment was when we were playing UPDF this season in December were I got a terrible injury the day I was summoned to the national team preparing for CHAN.
my best moment I think is yet to come.

What happened with the deal to join Legia Warsaw?
Ssemujju: At Legia it was a misunderstanding that I overstayed my Visa not sporting merit. I couldn’t get prolonged stay having misinterpreted my Visa and overstayed for 12 days thus the deal fell short. I had to wait for a year and later COVID-19 hit up.

Who is your best friend at BUL & why?
Ssemujju: My best friend at BUL is called Deogracious Ojok because he is very supportive and understanding.

You have played for Express and Villa two of the biggest clubs in the country. Do you support any?
Ssemujju: In Uganda the team I support is Proline FC though I like the rest. Since I was in academy I loved all but I used to hear about Proline and I ended up supporting them.

Who is the best player you have played with & why?
Ssemujju: The best players I have played with are Saddam Juma, Halid Lwaliwa and Alitho James.
I played with Saddam Juma at Express but the way he understands the game is on another level, he makes players around him look better and Halid we played together at School and another player is Alitho James they make you feel very comfortable.

Who is the hardest opponent you have faced?
Ssemujju: I don’t have any hardest player I have come Against.

Who is the best coach you have ever played under?
Ssemujju: I appreciate all the Coaches I have been under they have taught me a thing or two.

What is your football dream?
Ssemujju: My dreams are a little bit secretive but like other soccer players Playing for National Team and professional soccer will be a step towards my dreams.



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