Netball Elections: Inside Sarah Babirye’s Manifesto

Sarah Babirye Kityo is one of the hot favourites to become the next Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) President.

Unlike her biggest challenger, Babirye has not enjoyed close ties with the Federation as she was a Member of Parliament Youth Representative for Central Region in the 10th Parliament.

Not even being on the outside stopped her from trying to influence Netball matters in the country as he consistently advocated for the national team-She Cranes, on the floor of Parliament.

Babirye’s other activity in the game is evidenced in representing the country at the East African Community Inter-Parliamentary Games where she was named the best shooter in four successive editions (2016-2019).

Having been on the outside of a federation that many believe has not been ran right, is her biggest advantage and she now says that she is out to ensure the game is ran in the best fashion possible.

The Key Pointers In Babirye’s Manifesto

•Securing a home for the Netball family in Uganda.
•Taking Netball to the grassroots in Uganda.
•Marketing and Sponsorship of the game of Netball.
•Facilities development in the country.
•Building capacity of the Netball stakeholders.
•Recognizing and Rewarding of excellency in Netball.
•Introducing Corporate Netball in Uganda.
•Establishment of the Netball Secretariat in the Uganda Netball Federation.
•Strengthen culture through Netball.
•Promotion of equality in the game.
•Professionalizing Netball.
•Proper accountability.

A legislator by trade, Babirye is viewed by many as one that can put right all that has gone done the drain at what has been the best Ugandan sport in the last five or so years.

She says that the desire to contest for the top Netball office was driven from the need to change and re-tool the game.

“I took the decision after lots of soul searching and broad consultations with very well-meaning people. My conviction to contest the election was borne out of the need to change and a retooling of our core values. Over that period, i saw many positive changes as well as several negatives.” Babirye says.

Despite her push for the game on the floor of Parliament, Babirye says that she felt she needed to be in the Federation so as to effect change.

“I came to the realization that there were some things which i was powerless to change unless I assumed the high office. I was of the view that we needed a fresh face at the helm of affairs and with many years of apprenticeship i knew the time was right for me to step forward and chart a new course for our Federation by maintaining the positives, developing them further, and departing from the negatives but using the lessons learnt to craft new ideas.

As sport that is desperate for growth would require honesty on all fronts.

The former Youth MP who is a self proclaimed honest leader says she is ready to lead the ship.

“I am a strong advocate of honesty and integrity when it comes to working with colleagues. I am a great team worker and open to work will all manner of persons but if I have a fault, then it is being too honest, questioning perceived wrongdoings and always prepared to lead a crusade to right the wrongs whenever i find fault.

“As a Federation, we need a leader who is hardworking, selfless, pro-active, willing to serve and above all, possesses a listening ear. A leader who is willing to fight to restore our battered image and project the UNF as a shinning example for other associations to emulate.”

Babirye’s Team

*Flavia Byekwaso – Vice President Administration
*Richard Muhumuza – Vice Technical
*Aminah Mande – General Secretary
*Harriet Margret Opolot – Vice General Secretary
*Aida Nambusi Kibedi – Treasurer
*Yahaya Sengabi – Publicity Secretary



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