Mujib Kasule’s Race For FUFA Presidency Hits Dead End

Mujib Kasule has blamed the Electoral process after failing to submit his nomination forms to become the next FUFA boss.

Kasule who picked his forms on Monday, was supposed to return them on Wednesday at Mengo as required by the Electoral code.

His candidature is supposed to be valid if supported by any three members of FUFA where one such member is from the FUFA Super League Clubs or Big League and a member of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as defined by article 10 in the FUFA Statutes.

Jiba, as commonly known in football circles, says that he failed to get signatures because the incumbent Moses Magogo had all other members unknowingly sign earlier yet no one is allowed to nominate more than one person.

A seemingly deflated Kasule stated: “We have not been able to complete the process. Its a sham, no body can go through this system and succeed. It was set up to protect the incumbent, like it was four years ago.”

Jiba said that the chairmen of the SIGs were also made to sign similar documents, with each thinking that he was nominating Magogo. He added that he could not be endorsed by any of the regional CEOs because Magogo is their boss.

Kasule added that he got to know of the inability of FUFA members to sign for him when he tried to engage them recently.

Magogo picked his form on Tuesday afternoon but Jiba says that it is practically impossible for the incumbent to fulfil the process but he has been successful because he had done it earlier before the process started.

“Changing football through the available structures at Mengo is just impossible. The game has been hijacked, and nothing we outsiders can be done.”

When asked whether he had raised the required Sh10m as required by the process, Jiba denied to comment on the matter.

On what next, the Proline director said: “In the coming days, I will petition FUFA Appeals Committee showing my grievances about all what happened. If am not contented, I will seek ruling from the upper authorities.”

The Elective 97th FUFA Ordinary General Assembly will be held on Saturday 21st August 2021 in Mbale at Wash and Wills Hotel in the Eastern Region.



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