Expect A Different Paidha In Second Round – Allan Kabonge

Paidha Black Angels FC head coach Allan Kabonge has warned clubs to be worry of his side in the Big League second round.

Paidha were awful in the first round, losing six of their seven games and finished it at the bottom of the Elgon Group standings.

Kabonge made the statement as Paidha gear up for the start of the second round.

“Even if am the last, you expect to see a new team in the second round. Tell everyone Kabonge has warned them.

The Former Onduparaka tactician says he is the reason behind history because he makes and sets it and he is not a coward since he saved Buddu in the Masaza cup.

“You remember at Buddu (Masaza cup) when everyone was scared to go there when? Buddu needed 3 wins and I got it exactly that.

“Now with Paidha Black Angels, am very sure even though we are last we shall be among the teams that will remain in the Big League.

“As I did for Buddu, am going to do it for Paidha because am the one who makes history and am the one who sets it. I am not a coward even this, I will do it because I always do it.”

On what went wrong in the first round, Kabonge said;

“As you know, I came but I wasn’t the one who signed those players.

“I just inherited a team that was assembled by another person.

“I started training the guys but there was no time for training but now i am having a friendly tomorrow (Sunday) with Kabonge foundation from Entebbe and I am sure all will be well.”

Paidha will take on Entebbe Foundation on Sunday. (PHOTOS/Courtesy)

In the friendly, Kabonge expects to see whether the players will put what they have trained in practice and he expects to and add some new players after Sunday.

“The friendly will help me see these players, what I have added to them in training. I also expect to add some new players and now going to pick them from my team (Kabonge foundation).

“In that team I have Masaza cup top scorers and good players Playing for different clubs.

“Now, tomorrow (Sunday) I want fans to see and select some players they wish the club to sign.

“The only problem is they signed 25 slots for players and we are left with just 3 and unfortunately the team is not financially stable.”

On the players he wishes to add to the squad, Kabonge says he wants a striker who they are already finalising with and an attacking midfielder who will create for the strikers.

“So far am in discussion with one player called Kamada Lubega ‘Zlatan’. We are still finalising whether they can give us his release and see how he enters the team.

“He’s the only player so far. Other players, the management will pick them on Sunday in the friendly.

Paidha Black Angels scored three goals in the first round all of them were from the spot.

That is one of the problems that Kabonge says he identified.

“Our challenge in the first round was scoring goals that’s why I have brought Kamada Lubega Zlatan. Even tomorrow I will pick another striker and an attacking midfielder who will feed the strikers.”

Kabonge’s target is now to ensure Paidha stays in the Bug League as challenging for promotion looks a distant fantasy.

“We are well prepared to retain the team in the league because I cannot say that I will fight for promotion at the moment but I want to make sure that the team isn’t relegated.”

Some fans have come out to blame Kabonge for the team’s failures in the first round but he insists that at times, coaches are not the ones to blame.

“At times you blame the coaches but most clubs in the country don’t have the finance to support the teams.

“I am capable of coaching the national team as well because i am the one who managed those players in the national team.

“it’s just that FUFA brought in the issues of papers. I need to get a license in order to coach the national team but the thing is I can do it.”

Paidha Black Angels first game in the second round will be on Sunday, May 16th against fellow relegation strugglers Maroons.



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