Uganda Cycling Team Misses Out On Tour De Lunsa

Uganda cycling national team has missed a big chance of scoring world championship qualifying points after opting out of Sierra Leone’s tour de Lunsa.

It is understood that the team failed to secure funds on time, hence their failure to take part in the competition.

“The national team isn’t in Sierra Leone because we failed to receive the funds on time.” Said Uganda cycling association President Sam Mahaba during a news conference at Hotel Africana.

The championship started on Thursday which coincidentally is about the same time the team was meant to receive funding.

“We were meant to receive money from our sponsors-UPDF but there was no way for us travelling just to visit.” Team manager Rev.Dr Patrick Ssemambo revealed.

He added that, “with covid-19 protocols staying them in quarantine for two days, they were bound to miss the championship.”

The money will however upon authorisation from the sponsors be directed to other events in Limpopo, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Malawi due in May and June.

Though Uganda has by its global ranking of 75th(and 10th in Africa) already earned a place at September’s World championship due in the Flanders region of Belgium, it needs a further 300 points from those events to be sure of a slot.

The team is destined for another training camp either in Kabale, Kisoro or Kapchorwa to benefit from altitude.

Despite missing the Lunsa, the team that includes Mary Aleper,Sarah Nanyanzi,Shadic Mugalu and Paul Lomuria isnt in desperation but rather  optimistic ‘their time to shine will come’.



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