We Need To Work Together So As To Improve Football – Bainamani

Uganda Premier League CEO Bernard Bainamani says all parties in football must work together and also have the same goal in order to attain more success in football.

Bainamani was speaking to the press at Imperial Royale Hotel in kampala just after the FUFA breakfast held on Thursday, February 26.

The FUFA breakfast meeting was held between club chairmen, coaches together with FUFA to discuss matters for promoting the football product.

Speaking to the press, Bainamani says they must learn from developed leagues as well as having a common goal in football.

“We have to bench mark on those developed leagues in Africa and beyond. What have they done that we haven’t done as FUFA, League and all stakeholders in football.

“We must have a common goal in football to have a good league. We must aim at one goal, to promote the product (football).

Bainaman also added that it is good the league is becoming more competitive than the past.

“Our league is so competitive today compared to the past where you could see the champion having a big gap in terms of points.”

On the refereeing side, Bainamani had this to say;

“Good enough there was the chairman of the referees Mr. Ronnie Kalema and he explained more. Yes it is true there are some mistakes here and there done by referees but that can not be the end.

“Kalema gave out some figures, with four official complaints that have been made and even the recent one in Kitende where the referee made a mistake that saw Police FC goal keeper Ochan (Derrick) sent off.

“We agreed every time we have such meetings, we show what actions have been taken, improvement plans made such that mistakes are minimised. If there are forms of bribery, the ones found guilty will be handled as per the disciplinary rules and regulations.”

Bainamani is the CEO of the Uganda Premier League.



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