Vipers Must Be Banned For Life – Police FC Chairman Asan Kasingye

Police FC Chairman AIGP Asan Kasingye says Vipers SC must be ‘banned for life’ after controversial incidents at St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende.

The league game was marred by Derrick Ochan red card – The Police goalkeeper was sent off for an infringement at the time the visitors were leading 2-1.

Ochan came out of his goal to save the ball but the referee judged him to have made handled the ball outside the box.

TV replays showed that the former Vipers goalkeeper was still inside his box when he made a timely save.

Police were reduced to a man down on their way to a 3-2 loss.

Kasingye was seen on the turf animated and furiously contested the decision before he disappeared through the tunnel.

“Thank God. Let them be awarded their league title. I don’t know why we keep spending our money to play the league,” reads a translated tweet from Kasingye.

“This is the order of the day for VipersSC. It’s too much. We can’t keep looking on as they rape the beautiful game. Someone must stop this madness. Corruption in football has gone beyond. Vipers, together with your hired refs, shame on you!!#StopCorruptionInFootballUg.

“Thieves is what they are. Thieves!!

“I intended it. The world must know about @VipersSC and the relationship with referees. I am now waiting for my suspension. That will be my highest achievement ever in managing a @UPL team for 30 years. @OfficialFUFA, hurry, suspend me & enjoy your referees antics!

They must. It has even taken them ages to do so. That team must be banned for life. This is a mockery of our time, money & effort in football. #StopCorruptionInFootbalUg.”

FUFA is expected to look into the matter but Kasingye has risked a fine/ban as well.

This is the second loss for Police (16) who are currently two points behind leaders Vipers (18) after eight league games.

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