Tahomera Lifts Lid On Scuffle With Kyetume, Narrates Shocking Details

Towering defender Benon Tahomera has opened up about a recent melee with Kyetume FC officials.

The defender is said to have confronted club president Ruben Kagwa Kimera and CEO Benon Musinguzi.

There was commotion a week back after the club friendly with Wakiso Giants when the angry defender attacked his bosses, mainly arising from discrepancies in his contract.

The defender has accused the club CEO of forging his signature and adding a further year on his contract.

Tahomera joined Kyetume from MYDA before the 2017/18 season.

“I signed a contract at Kyetume of two years which was supposed to end next year (2022) in August,” he tells The-SportsNation in an exclusive interview.

“All along, I have been asking the CEO for a copy of my contract but in vain. He has been hiding away, playing hide and seek.

“So, it was about one week back before we played Wakiso Giants, I talked to the CEO and I was bitter this time round, it has been a long time of waiting. The CEO finally sent me the copy, and he sent me an additional text saying that they have put three years – saying that it was a mistake which they will rectify.

“Then I asked him, ‘how can it be a mistake when I was there and signed two years?’

“From then, the CEO again started not to pick my calls until I met him with the chairman when they had come to watch the Wakiso friendly. I asked them what had happened with my contract. The two started to move away.”

Tahomera says that he had gone through a lot during the past months at the club and was incensed further by the contract issues.

“Like any other person, I had gone through a lot, I was annoyed like any other person, I had gone months without pay at the club, I had rent issues, they no longer catered for my food, I come from Tororo and I am in a strange district where I don’t know anyone. My wife is pregnant and I have many people am taking care of. All those issues were boiling up.”

It is reported that the defender fought the club officials after the friendly.

However, he refuted the claims: “I didn’t beat up on the chairman. People don’t know the other side of the story. I have been at the club for so long, its something I cannot do. I respect my bosses.

“They played with my contract. Its too bad and the CEO is a former footballer so he knows how painful that can be. I had earlier made attempts to meet the chairman but he never gave me time to see him in person.”

Benon Tahomera in national colours. Courtesy

Kyetume Suspends Tahomera Indefinitely:

The Club issued out a suspension letter to Tahomera, indefinitely.

The letter, from Club CEO Musinguzi, reads in part:

“We regret to inform you that the above mentioned player has been suspended by club management indefinitely following unprovoked physical attack on an executive club Member and the club president.

“Kyetume has been forced to make the decision following gross violations of the club players code of conduct according to the constitution and regulations of the club.

“We believe discipline is the backbone for development of a successful football club and Benon Tahomera went beyond restrain to a willful and objectiveness destruction of the Club President car.”

Tahomera says that many players contracts at the club have been tampered with, and as an assistant captain, he had to take responsibility.

He adds: “They have now made me the bad person after causing that scene. I was not paid for seven months, just put yourself in my shoes. And they go on to add an extra year on the contract which I was not aware of. What would happen next year if I got a better deal may be abroad?”

Club technical Director Jackson Mayanja says that “all that is not true, we cannot forge any player contract. And if that happened, does it mean to stone your boss’ car?”

After his suspension, the player says that he was also involved in a Boda Boda accident the following day.

He sought treatment at the club hospital and was asked to pay the bills!

“I got a boda accident recently and I am from the hospital. My right ankle is all swollen. I was taken to the club hospital and the chairman called the doctors telling them that I should pay for my own bills, not knowing that these very doctors and nurses are friends to the players and they in turn tell us.”

It should be noted that Tahomera was one of the club pillars as the side earned Uganda Premier League promotion in 2019 and was also key to the side fending off relegation last season.

Tahomera Arrested by Police

The defender made shocking allegations that he was arrested, together with a teammate, on orders of the club President!

He said: “There was an incident during the lockdown with the Chairman who stays nearer to the club-houses. We were not given food for a long period and some of the players were starving until FUFA bailed us out.”

“When we took a step to approach the chairman at his home about the issue, he called the police right away claiming that we were strangers who wanted to kill him. Yet we had gone through the gate and knocked as required.

“We were arrested! Can you imagine detaining your own players?”

Tahomera says that he was arrested alongside Mike Anoge at Ntawo Police station.

He also says that the Club Chairman hang up his phone when the Police asked him to go to the station, and later they would be released.

“The Chairman is not a parent. If he was talking to us like as it is happening elsewhere, none of this would have happened. We can understand the economic constraints recently, but explain to us what is going on.

“The only time he came to talk to us face to face is when he told us that whoever wants to leave should because the window is open.

“I was so shocked as person and that was tantamount.

“I gave my whole to the club. I played with one heart.”

Tahomera’s future is currently uncertain as he still holds a contract with Kyetuem FC. He



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