Galanapolous Weighs In On Fayed, Caesar and Titus

Coach George Galanapolous has commended the progress of the Silverbacks players including Fayed Bbale, Ceasar Kizito and Titus Lual.

The team is currently in Monastir, Tunisia ahead of the Second window of the 2021 FIBA Afrobasket Qualifiers due February 17-21.

“We are getting better I think every single day, every practice, every duel, every session, these guys are getting better as a group, individually and they are receptive to our principles, our teachings and they are communicating with each other on a high level, like they always have,” the coach said.

“Fayed, this is the second time I have seen him, I saw him originally with the Giants of Africa a couple of years ago, so to see how much he has improved since then, to see him at the national stage level, is something I am very proud of and he fits in very well with us.

Fayed Bbale. FUBA

“Caesar is someone very experienced although this is his first time with us, he brings something that we value and he has gotten better throughout the week as far as integrating himself with the team and our principles.

“Titus is gotten better from the last time I saw him, and he got better in the last training camp every single day from the beginning to the end, so every day is a process for him. He is learning how to communicate better defensively, he is learning offensively what his skill set is and how to make sure that he exploits the defence with that skill set. Overall, there is incremental improvement with every single player and overtime.”

He said that the new players (Fayed and Caesar) are good additions to the side.

He added: “From my perspective, this is not the first time I am coaching this team, I have been in this situation where we have had to integrate players later in the process, so am familiar with it, which every window I have coached I have tried to get comfortable with that sort of situation.”

The Silverbacks are in Group E alongside Morocco, Egypt and Cape Verde.

The team, second on the log, target at least one win from the second window to confirm qualification to the Afrobasket championship due August 24 to September 5, 2021 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Galanopoulos says that the main focus this time round is defence.

“I think specifically, defense continues to be our area of improvement, we are trying towards as much progression as we possibly can, we know we can’t be perfect but we want to make sure that in a game when shots are not falling, in a game that you can’t get calls as you want, things don’t seem to be going your way offensively, the defense is our staple that we are be able to hang our heads around that. Defense continues to be the focus and we know that will only help our offense.”



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