Bombo United: The Fourth Tier Side Eyeing Promotion To The Regional League

Bombo United is a Bombo based side which was founded in 1977 by Ismael Khasim. They play in the 5th division of the Luwero District Federation Association (LDFA).

The Cheatahs, like they call themselves, hosts their games at two venues-Namaliga Church Of Uganda Playground in Bombo Town and Buyego playground in Buyego along Kampala-Gulu Highway.

Ahead of the 2020-2021 season, the Club CEO Tugume Walter highlights their plans in an exclusive interview with the SportsNation.

“Bombo United is a community owned club and it has two home grounds in Bombo Town at Namaliga C/U Primary School and in Buyego at 20 miles trading center on Kampala-Gulu Highway. Tugume started.

“We have formed a Fans association club where registered members will be given favours and discounts on club games and merchandise.

“Registering members is categorised into 3 groups which are Bronze, Silver and Gold”. To get a bronze membership card, a fan pays 15,000shs, 30,000shs is for Silver. If you paid for Silver then you pay 70% at every match and those with Golden cards which cost 50,000shs watch all home games for free.

“10,000shs is the registration fee, 2000shs weekly club donations per member and 5,000shs personal weekly saving.”

The Bombo fans will also be able to follow their club on social media where live updates will be available.

“We are planning to use the community public address systems, commentating the game using a phone connecting it on the community public address system and we shall make use of our social platforms like Whatsapp groups and Facebook live.

“According to our structures in five years, Bombo United will be competing in the Uganda Super Division.

Bombo have been deprived of football for a while just like the rest of the world due to the global Coronavirus.

In an attempt to overcome the trying period, Tugume notes that they have gone back to the community so as to remind them of their responsibilities towards the club.

“Like any other club we were affected financially and Administratively.

“And to overcome, we had to go back to the community to remind them about their responsibilities on the club and we got positive response plus a new management committee.”

Bombo United coach who is also a former Simba FC (now UPDF FC) defender, Okello Morris Okile says that the club is targeting winning the LDFA league so as to climb into the Regional league.

“I have each and every skill that a coach is supposed to possess so as to improve players is my strongest point. Okile said.

“Our main target is to be the champions of Luwero District League and to get promoted to the Buganda Regional League.”

On how the management should help him Okello says.

“They should help me and facilitate as many trial matches as possible, provide me with every training equipment that I ask for and settle my player’s basic needs, then ask for the results.”

“First of all leaving the coach’s aspect aside all the players are my friends, they work with the person they love most and I also talk to them as a parent”.

“Dealing with their mental strength, be-friending them and trying to give each and every player playing time keeps them motivated.

“A high pressing game and free flowing football are my style of coaching. The star of my team is the team itself.

“I have previously coached UPDF, UPDF JT and Young Simba and i built Bombo according to the culture of UPDF.”

Bombo United FC captain Derrick Kayongo also spoke to us, assessing the impact of COVID-19 and the team’s target.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was just an outbreak, I won’t say it has only affected Bombo United but it has affected the entire football world as well.”

“So this season we need to concentrate on being a better team compared to last season.”

The former UPDF JT and URA JT defender comments on which match they are looking forward to ahead of the upcoming campaign.

“Actually it’s all the teams in the league because it’s not easy to single out one before you see their squad and the style of play.

“What I can say is that we will take it a game at a time.

“First of all this time round just like our name United, we are indeed United and focused bunch of footballers.

“The fact that our star is teamwork, we expect a good results this season.

“Secondly, the squad has a good hard-working management of around 25 executives who are willing to finance and support the us which will also be integral to our cause.

“The coaching staff is rock-solid, Coach Okello Morris Okile and Coach Mzee, playing in their team is the best thing that a player can hope for.

“Then and now, at this point even if we failed previously, we will try again. The preparation is good and the players are ready to face any challenge no matter what.

“Basing on our motto ‘THEY EITHER LOOSE OR WE WIN’, our major target is to move to the next level and this time it’s a factual movement.”

Players like Bright Stars pair Jungu Methodius, Nkonge Ronald, Former Express defender Kiiza Martin and Vipers left back Disan Galiwango have all had a stint at Bombo United.

Bombo United is set to kick off their quest for promotion to the Buganda Regional League on 14th February 2020.



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