Erias Lukwago Takes Pride In Recent Achievements With KCCA FC

City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who also doubles as the KCCA FC Patron is satisfied with recent achievements with the club.

The 13-time league champions have embarked on the five-year journey to have a state of the art stadium at Lugogo.

Lukwago says that KCCA FC needed to have such a beautiful facility to call it their home.

“Despite the shortcomings we have had recently including the inadequate facility, we have done well on the Continent,” Lukwago said.

“KCCA FC is a revered brand. Its feared.
KCCA is a household name on the Continent. That is success is itself.

“The other success I have is the sophisticated administration. We are the most organised club in Uganda.

“You will hardly hear of the mess associated with other clubs affecting KCCA. This is a government agency which you would find highly hard to manage but we have a hierarchy of command. We have the political leadership, technical leadership, board, adminstration and other tiers all running smoothly.

“There are those contradictions and clashes here and there but we ultimately we are very successful and we have put in place robust structures that have helped us manage the club attain success.”

The stadium redevelopment works at MTN Omondi Stadium were officially flagged off on Thursday.

The project will cost Sh10bn, and government will injecting Sh2bn per year.

The Authority will contribute Sh500m per year to the cause.

“Recreational activities is one of those aspects of human life and you cannot promote tourism, social activities unless you have facilities of such nature,” Lukwago said on the significance of having a stadium for the Club and city as well.

“So, it was very important that we consider this as one of the priorities. Kampala is the capital but you can hardly find a capital city on the Continent which has got no recreational facility. And initially Lugogo was designed and gazetted for that particular purpose to host recreational activities.

“We were supposed to develop this as a complex for Sports. Unfortunately people have encroached on it, you have seen these commercial structures here.”



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