Tennis For All: Junior Tournament Set For Sunday Showdown

The Curtain for Tennis For All Uganda tournament will go down this Sunday, January 10 at the East Kololo Tennis Courts.

There is much anticipation after Elgon Fresh Honey boosted the tournament that has been running since November last year.

“As Elgon Fresh Honey, we feel pleasure to come on board and take this as an opportunity to help the kids exploit their talent,” said company CEO Borman Kasiita.

“We shall always come in to support the Youngsters so as they can achieve their dreams.”

Elgon Fresh Honey, a company that specialises in production and packing of Honey, propolis and Tea Leaves, contributed food kits among other rewards to be handed out to the winners.

The tournament has been split into two divisions: Division one is for age category 10-14 while Division two is for youngsters from 15 to 18 years.

Tournament Director Arnold Jurua stated that the match format is a round robin; first to eight games. Its best of three sets at the knockout stage.

Coach Vincent Muwereza of Tennis For All Uganda said that the tournament provides hope for the children as it comes during a time of no hope due to Covid19.

“Its been a difficult time of Covid19, most of the sports was shutdown,” he started.

“Most of these children come from Naguru and are always faced with many society issues. So we wanted to keep them engaged and busy for something productive.

“This tournament also keeps them sharp for any event that comes in future. We hope that these youngsters can make it to the national team represent will represent us in March.”

The Tennis For All Uganda moves to empower, mobilise and educates slum children through tennis.



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