Zannya Targets Increased Sports Participation In Slums

Zannya Africa Foundation marked the end of the year while celebrating with the underprivileged in Ndeeba Slums.

In a what was a difficult 2020 across all life spheres, Zannya continued to reach out to the children, Youth and women through sports.

The Non Government Organization has engaged with the people in Ndeeba slums using sports disciplines like Handball, Volleyball and Football throughout the year.

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“We have been with them through the whole year so we decided to celebrate the end of year with them as well,” Robert Musajjakawa, Sports coach at Zannya said.

“We are looking at increasing Sports participation among the unprivileged children and youth in the slums, in addition to the mentorship programs we carry out.

“We call upon everyone to join and support us as we move to uplift the societies.”

Zannya Africa Foundation held an end of year party on December 28 in Ndeeba Slums.

Zannya has used Sports to empower the underprivileged on different issues like social and economic development, gender issues, youth and women capacity building, encouraging healthy lifestyles and promoting vocational education as well as girl child education.

The Organisation says that Sport and development is an important sector as it brings many benefits to the community.



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