The Story: How Ruthless Armed Men Gunned Down Zebra Mando

The Sports Fraternity has on Wednesday woken up to the untimely and cruel death of former National Boxing team captain of Isaac Zebra Mando Ssenyange.

Zebra Mando was murdered in cold blood at 11am by unknown gunmen who stormed his home.

In a media interview, Mando’s widow Mercy Makunkusi narrates the harrowing scenes and how the massacre came about.

“It was around 11pm and I was from brooding my chicks when I heard noise from the outside, I started moving and bypassed Zebra on the way but he told me nothing,” the widow explains the events prior to his husband’s murder in Bwaise.

“I peeped through the curtain and that’s when I saw many ‘military’ men. They ordered me to open the door but I had already frozen in fear. I gathered up myself and unlocked the padlock.

“One of the men entered and pointed a pistol on my head, told me to kneel down (Swahili). I was asked the whereabouts of my husband to which I responded that I don’t know, as the other armed men also entered the house. I tried to prevent them from going into my children’s bedroom, I called out my Son Isaac who came out before he was beaten using a baton-like rod.

“A tall man took me to the sitting room as he continued to ask me where Zebra was. They later took me outside and made to kneel down again. Then a man, in a brown jacket, came from the other end and confessed that I am the wife of Zebra. I tried to lift my head up to see the man in the face but I was ordered to put my head down again. Then, the tall man went inside the house and brought out my son before the men left.

“My neighbor came and checked on us, asking if all was fine. I later talked to my son to see if his Dad had told him about anything in relation to this attack but he said no. As I tried to clean the house after the mess, my son advised me that we first get everything on camera so that we can show it to Zebra when he returns.

“A moment later, some one came and said that a person had been shot dead in the neighborhood! I rushed to the scene but had to return midway to fetch my phone which I had left behind, and my son proceeded.

“My son came back with the Zebra’s waistbag all stained in blood, and he told me that Papa is dead! I went to the scene and confirmed. He was dead!”

The widow explained that Zebra had come earlier around 8pm so that he could watch President Museveni speaking on TV.

She also added that Zebra was not depressed days prior to his death, stating that his only worries were about his cancelled fight which was supposed to go down in Russia in December of last year (2019).

Police has said that they are investigating the murder of Zebra Senyange, and have in possession “crucial pieces of evidence and cartridges” they have recovered from the scene.

The horrific scenes happened at St. Francis Zone, Bwaise III Parish, with Zebra shot 400 meters away from his home and he died instantly.



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