Busoga, Kitara Confident Ahead Of FUFA Verdict

Busoga United and Kitara FC are set to learn their fate in the Uganda Premier League.

The two clubs were left out from the league fixture draft having not fulfilled the mandatory licensing Requirements.

The clubs were since given an ultimatum of last Monday to hand in the missing requirements.

FUFA Club Licensing Manager Ivan Kintu has told The-SportsNation that the final decision is going to be made today after a zoom meeting.

Busoga United CEO Andrew Ndyabahika has expressed confidence that his side will be reinstated.

Andrew Ndyabahika

“We were not on the league draft fixture because of some internal issues with club licensing which we have now settled,” Ndyabahika has told The-SportsNation.

“I have been in touch with the Licensing Committee and I spent two days at FUFA, I am very confident that we will play in the Uganda Premier League next season.”

FUFA said that there were mismatches in the documents in regards to the ownership of Busoga United FC.

The team’s proposed venue of Kakindu was not passed to host a top flight game, graded under level four. Busoga United will hence host at FUFA Technical Centre Njeru.

Kitara FC. FUFA

Kitara FC on the other hand, were yet to confirm a coach and player contracts as required by the licensing committee.

If the clubs fail to meet the requirements, they will play in the third tier (FUFA Regional League), not Big League!

“It will be an unfair decision to us,” Kitara FC CEO Joshua Atugonza has told The-SportsNation.

“We qualified sportingly to play in the UPL after winning the Big League playoffs in Njeru. It has been a small window for us to fulfil all those Licensing Requirements if you are to gauge us with other clubs who started to prepare for the league way back in April.

“However, we have fulfilled all the necessary requirements and we are confident that we will play.”

The club was also set to host in Kiboga, but has been told to write to Njeru Management to use the technical centre.



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