FUFA To Lend UPL Clubs To Fund Initial Covid19 Tests

FUFA will lend Clubs money to fund the initial Covid19 tests ahead of Uganda Premier League kickoff.

The Federation will then collect recover the subsequent fees from the clubs’ League sponsorship package.

This is a clarification from the earlier document that confirmed that clubs will meet the cost of Covid19 PCR tests, despite the financial struggles.

“The responsibility to test, this initial test, is that of the clubs, the role of FUFA is to ensure that the test proceed because clubs have no any financial resources right now, so the federation will pay the costs of the first tests,” FUFA Deputy CEO Decolas Kizza has stated.

“However, these costs will be recovered from subsequent income from the clubs in order to mitigate the cash flow effects on the clubs.

“Basically, the responsibility of testing the players and staff is that of the club, this initial test will be undertaken by FUFA 100% but costs will be recovered from subsequent income of the club.”

In preparation for competition restart, the Federation has set up a COVID-19 Management Committee which will be the the only body mandated to oversee and verify COVID-19 tests.

Each club will have to provide licensed players, authorised technical staff and any other essential staff for COVID-19 PCR test.

Only holders of PCR Negative Certificates will be allowed to participate in the match.



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