Inside UPL WhatsApp Group: Clubs At War With FUFA

This is artistic work of fiction – Names, characters, places and events are the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance between these characters and real teams is purely coincidental.

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ADMIN: Hey, hope you guys have received the stadium inspection report.

Kitara: Not yet

ADMIN: It has been sent on all your emails.

Mbarara: @Admin, just share it here as well.

ADMIN: Stadium Report (PDF)

MYDA: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Villa: ?????

BUL: Can someone explain to me why Bugembe was not passed?

ADMIN: Its been classified as grade four, hence it will not host UPL games. @BUL You are advised to look elsewhere before the deadline.

BUL: @ADMIN, Just answer my question. Why wasn’t it passed.

Mbarara: But we have done all the necessary work at Kakyeka.

Wakiso: Including allowing Bobi Wine launch his manifesto at the stadium??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

BUL: How were stadiums like St George (Tororo) and Greenlight pass ahead of Bugembe?

Onduparaka: Alooo, go slow!

Vipers: Meanwhile, at Kitende, we don’t accept groundshare.

Wakiso: Same here at Kabaka Kyabaggu.

Villa: ????

Express: We will accept anyone but Villa??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

(ADMIN Removes Busoga)
(ADMIN Removes Kitara)

KCCA: What’s going on?

Police: Why were Busoga and Kitara removed.

ADMIN: They have not fulfilled the licensing requirements.

Express: Christ!

Kyetume: @Express, tuwe Ku ssente za Betway. Ndabye endagano bagiziza bujja.

ADMIN: @Kyetume use English please.

Onduparaka: @ADMIN, Bring back Busoga and Kitara

Bright Stars: Bring Back Busoga and Kitara

ADMIN: We will bring them back after they fulfil the mandatory requirements. They have until today evening!

Wakiso: Mutufusuze bubi.

Vipers: Nyooo. I mean, they can’t allow me get back any of my players at Uganda Hippos. At least they should have given me Bobosi Byaruhanga as we prepare for Al Hilal.

Mbarara: FUFA isn’t doing us any justice. They should let us play at our home grounds.

Kyetume: True. Tubadde mu struggle.

Villa: Seconded. Been working on my new jersey of late. I thought Bombo would pass the inspection with flying colours.


Wakiso: Meanwhile, you should all go to Njeru. Its free.

ADMIN: Draft UPL Fixture (PDF)

ADMIN: Kindly receive the Uganda Premier League fixture ??????

Kyetume: Guys are serious, no Kitara and Busoga on the fixture

URA: Its just a draft???

Bright Stars: We start with KCCA at home, Oyo tumusobola??????

KCCA: @Bright Stars, Now that you have no where to host from, can we offer you Lugogo?

Bright Stars: ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Vipers: A game on November 3? Yet we have Al Hilal return leg on 4th? But what’s wrong with you?

KCCA: @Vipers, stop over complaining. Tewali yakutuma yo mu CAF.

Villa: ????

Vipers: @KCCA and @Villa, lay low like an envelope

ADMIN: @Vipers, inform us in writing if you want your game rescheduled.

BUL: @ADMIN, Stop showing double standards, why was Bugembe not passed?

Wakiso: Bring back Busoga and Kitara….

ADMIN: (typing)

Villa: (recording audio)

What Next? Till next time…..



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