URA FC Stranded After FUFA Rejects Lugazi, Ndejje Stadium Options

URA FC have been denied a return to Lugazi after the stadium failed to meet the required standards ahead of Uganda Premier League kickoff.

FUFA released a list of stadiums classifications with only seven stadiums fitting to host UPL games.

The Tax Collectors had submitted Sugar Corporation of Uganda LTD stadium in Lugazi, which has been graded under level four, fitting to host utmost FUFA Big League.

“We submitted Lugazi stadium but FUFA has deemed it unfit yet we had done all the necessary improvements as requested,” URA FC head of communications Patrick ‘Pato’ Ochieng told The-SportsNation.

“We have to look elsewhere, and by next week, we will have got the solution.”

Ndejje University’s Arena of Visions in Luwero. Courtesy

The club hosted their second round games at the Arena of Visions in Ndejje University, Luwero which has not passed the requirements for a UPL stadium because of the unavailability of the dressing rooms.

In an interview with The-sportsnation, FUFA Stadium Inspection Committee Chairman John Kalibbala Crizestom noted:

“The league is going to be broadcast on TV so we want stadiums that fit the standards.

“Lugazi didn’t meet the required standards because it lacks a full fledged furnished dressing room, the goal posts are not to the standards, there is no warm up space, and there is a patch (crease) in the middle because the stadium was recently used for Cricket, among others.”

URA FC played at Lugazi, called Mehta Stadium then, since 2012 before leaving for Mandela National Stadium Namboole in 2017.

The club played at Namboole for the first round of last season, before moving to Ndejje.

Namboole is currently unavailable after it was temporarily turned into a Covid19 medical centre.

The Club, funded by Uganda Revenue Authority, launched their plans to build their own stadium in April 2014 after securing 10-acres of land in Bugema (Luwero).

The plans for the projected 25000-seatee stadium have not gained momentum since.

Stadiums fit to host UPL Games per FUFA Stadium Inspection Committee – St Mary’s Stadium, StarTimes Stadium, FUFA Technical Centre, Wankulukuku, Kabaka Kyabaggu, King George (Tororo) and Arua’s Green Light.



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