Magogo Joins Villa Members Trust, Highlights Need For Community Club

FUFA President Eng Moses Magogo has officially registered to join the SC Villa Members Trust.

The 16-time league winners officially kicked off the registration campaign today at Sheraton Hotel.

Amidst fans cheers, Magogo arrived at Sheraton Hotel’s Rwenzori Ball room at 3:15pm, sensitized, before taken through the registration process by Villa CEO Shawn Mubiru.

He was assigned fan number 100, a place that was reserved for him. The registration number assigned includes his sex, residence and the date of birth.

“Its very important for all Villa fans to understand and be part of this very important club,” Magogo said afterwards.

“Villa has always been in the hands of a few volunteers as the executive but the next step is for SC Villa to be owned by the members who have formed a trust that will own the assets that will determine even the leadership.

“Its very important for anybody who is a Villa fan to become a Villa member, those two are different. As a Villa member, you have a right to vote for the President, watch the games free each season.”

Over 120 fans registered today st Sheraton.

The move is intended to make Villa a community club.

Magogo added:

“This guarantees the prosperity of the club beyond the individuals, because these individuals are immortal, there is a time when they have to go or give their time to other things but whereby you have the members, they continue to own the club even 100 or 200 Years and this is the practice, it’s the same model at Real Madrid or Barcelona, and these are the most successful clubs in the world.

“The Villa fans have decided to own their club, and it has always been the case, only that we are formalising it, we are making it structural, to be what we are supposed to be. For us our strength, our competitive advantage is our numbers. Villa fans are loyal, they love their club, they pay. And we believe that its our strength.

He roared: “We have been a sleeping giant, but we are back.”



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