Onduparaka, Agent Speak Out After Musema’s Transfer Saga

There was a tragedy last week as Onduparaka FC’s new signing Boniface Musema returned to his club Odramacaku FC.

Onduparaka, on July 20, unveiled Musema as their first signing and confirmed that the player had signed a three-year contract.

He was given jersey number four (4).

In a dramatic turn of events, on October 12, Odramacaku confirmed that Musema had renewed his contract with the club until 2021.

“We had a pre-contract with Onduparaka FC but the terms were not fulfilled within the stipulated duration agreed,” Musema’s agent John Lewis Matua told The-SportsNation.

“We gave them three (3) more chances to fulfil the terms and they failed.”

Musema had played for Onduparaka FC before, when the club had not earned Uganda Premier League promotion.

His agent adds: “Musema was a player there before and was lied the same way. So we felt one person can’t be lied twice by the same Club.”

Matua adds that Onduparaka wanted Musema to pick his release from Odramacaku FC without compensating them.

“We clearly told them Odramacaku FC has being really good to us so they deserve a Compensation package.

“After all these failed, we decided to continue with Odramacaku FC since they have been supportive.”

Onduparaka FC CEO Edison Shaban says that the situation is not a ‘dilemma’ and added that Musema lacks someone who can guide him.

“I think Musema should take regional league as a starting point to open channels for his career,” said CEO.

On where it all started, the CEO explained;

“We met with Bonny and gave him a chance to become a better player. He had played at Onduparaka FC before, so we remembered him.

“My chairman met him initially, on a personal ground. We are not demeaning the regional league but we felt that he also wanted a bigger platform – Onduparaka FC.

“We accepted terms and he truly signed. I personally signed him at High Five in Arua. He gave me some of the necessary documents and expressed his joy to have joined the Green army.”

“So, what next was to finalise the deal and do other licensing procedures. For starters, he was a non contracted player for two seasons at his club, meaning that he was automatically a free agent.

Where Did It Go Wrong – The CEO Further Explains

The CEO says that while he was away in Kampala, he requested the new players to fill up their online platforms but Musema was not compliant and kept on giving excuses.

“He had all of a sudden started behaving negatively, and I had to talk to team manager to talk to him. I explained everything to Edema, including how the boy had started to play hide and seek.

“I was later told that the boy’s former team had entered him into the system. Somehow, I knew that he had done it intentionally not to join us.”

The CEO says that he has given the whole saga a cold shoulder otherwise it may look like Onduparaka FC is fighting a regional league side.

He added: “We are not at the level of fighting other clubs, We shall honour his decision, the most important thing is to see him play.”



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