FUFA On Choosing KCCA Over Proline For CAF Confederation

FUFA has reaffirmed their initial decision of selecting KCCA FC to represent Uganda for the 2020/21 CAF Confederation Cup.

However, its Uganda Cup winners who are eligible to represent Uganda in CAF Confederation Cup.

The 2019 Uganda Cup was halted in March at the round of 16 due to Covid19 pandemic, and FUFA selected KCCA FC to represent Uganda for 2020/21 CAF Confederation Cup on a tentative basis as they hoped that Uganda Cup will have a natural ending before the year closed.

Last week, FUFA declared the Uganda Cup null and void due to restrictions on Sports resumption.

“There will be no change on who represents Uganda in CAF Confederation Cup, its still going to be KCCA FC,” FUFA Deputy CEO (Football) Decolas Kizza told reporters on Tuesday.

However, the Uganda Cup rule on Representation to international competition, article 24 (1) states: Where the competition has been declared null and void, the cup winner of the previous season shall represent Uganda in any international competitions instead.

Going by the rule, Proline FC who beat Bright Stars FC to lift the 2019 Uganda Cup, was the eligible candidate.

Decolas refuted and explained that FUFA has the final say on who will represent the country.

He explained: “International representation is the preserve of the FUFA Executive Committee.”

“It is very easy for you to lift the trophy of the UPL and still not be named representative in the CAF Competitions.

“Equally so, the winner of the Uganda Cup represents country in the CAF Confederation Cup. The executive committee reserves the mandate to name any club given the parameters for example there is club licensing, if you take the Uganda Cup and you fail club licensing parameters both here and CAF, you will not be named as a representatives.

“So, given that mandate, and given the situation that was existing in March, and the duration of CAF competitions, it was decided that a representative be named and KCCA being the runners up of the Uganda Premier League, were named the representatives of CAF confederation Cup.”

Decolas, however, did not explain whether Proline failed the club licensing requirements, as the club represented Uganda in the 2019/20 Confederation Cup.

The CAF Confederation Cup preliminary round first legs for the 2020/21 season will be played in 27-29 November this year, with KCCA yet to learn their opponents.



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