Six Boxers Receive Relief Funds From WBC and ABU

World Boxing Council and Africa Boxing Union has relieved affected professional Boxers who have ever contested for their titles.

The development was revealed during the press conference held at the Uganda Professional Boxing Commission (UPBC) headquarters in Kampala.

Maureen Mulangira, the commission’s treasurer, disclosed the six boxers and handed over Sh2.7m cash to each.

The beneficiaries, Badru Lusambya, Joy Vegas Lubega, Michael Kizza, Davis Lusimbo, Joseph Kiwanuka and Francis ‘Mancho’ Kiwanuka.

The two Kiwanukas were not present to collect their funds.

“I am very thankful to UPBC for lobbying this, I appreciate WBC and ABU, I wish all companies adopt this during such difficult times,” said Lusambya.

“During this lockdown, I suffered from pneumonia for three months and since then life has not been easy for my family but with this money, there will be relief.”

He called on the Government to support all the Sportsmen.

“Government should start supporting all the athletes mostly the Boxers because we play a big role in marketing our country. Sometimes we even suffer lifetime injuries.”

Maureen Mulangira stated that they had earlier issued out Covid19 relief funds to all registered boxers but couldn’t do the same this time round because the new funds came with stringent rules.



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