How The FHNS Brand Is Improving The health of Athletes in Uganda, Africa

Taking care of an athlete’s health is an important approach to optimizing their long term performance in their careers.

The FHNS Brand is one of the most influential companies in sports health in Uganda and East Africa.

It has done a great job and still continues to promote health and also careers of Athletes through its subsidiary companies – FHNS sports medicine firm, FHNS Pharma, FHNS Insurance Capital and FHNS Sports and Arts Agency.

The brand was started in 2014 to solve various problems associated with health in sports.

“We wanted to help Athletes have easy access to sports medicine services and all Nutritional and Medical products required for treatment, improvement and maintenance of optimum performance,” says CEO Gabriel Isaac Otuk.

Isaac Otuk (left) and FUBA Vice President Huson Ssegamwenge

Otuk says that they have formed collaborations with Universities, Federations, Sports Clubs and other organisations in a bid to improve the health of athletes.

He adds: “Many athletes now have access to care physically or through online sites and programs run by the FHNS Brand.”

“There is still more work required to enable Athletes and sports institutions have access to proper sports medicine care through understanding the Importance of such care to their performance.

“We hope to continue expanding our positive impact through tansforming the health care industry in Sports within Uganda, East Africa and the African continent through our subsidiary Companies for the sake of Athletes and Sports Development.”

The FHNS Brands:

FHNS Sports Medicine Firm – This offers sports medicine services like Injury rehabilitation programs and general Athlete health care and performance enhancement through collaboration with sports institutions and consults from individual Athletes.

FHNS Pharma – It provides easy access to all Medical, Nutritional and Sports Performance supplies by Athletes and Sports Institutions and Clubs.

FHNS Sports And Arts Agency – It manages Athletes in all sports while providing branding services, strategizing with Athletes on Sports Career choices and Empowering Athletes through entrepreneurial ventures and partnerships.

FHNS Capital – Offers health insurance services in sports medicine for Athletes to have access to medical care through collaborating with sports institutions.



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