NCS Asks Quartet To Defer Reopening

National Council of Sports has asked four sports federations not to reopen competitions.

This comes after a recent President Museveni directive of not holding sports competitions indoor until further notice.

The Sports Federations include Badminton, Body Building, Squash and VX Sport.

Despite having a medium risk rating (sustained close contact but with protective equip in place), they are hugely held indoor.

Body building’s closure was inevitable as gyms (location of training) are still closed in the country.

Simon Mugabi, CEO Badminton recently said that he will be launching outdoor badminton in the coming days.

Squash, is a racket and ball sport played by two players on a four-walled indoor enclosed court with a small, hallow rubber ball.

VX Sport (originally Rock-It-Ball) is a ball indoor sport played by two teams of five players on a court.

VX sports officials have said that some versions of their discipline can be held outdoor. Versions of VX Sport include: V2, V3 and V4 (Doubles).

NCS Gives Federations Assurance

In the President’s address, he said that all players must be tested every after two weeks.

With Covid19 test fee for each individual set at sh240500, Federations urged NCS to find a solution so that the fee is lowered.

NCS chairman Donald Rukare has said that they will be working hand in hand to see that the matter is resolved.

“Following those directives, we have held meeting with our federation heads today to discuss the plan, we have been able to show them the classification of sports – low, media and high risk and hopefully together we can find ways to see how sports will return safely following the president guidelines,” Rukare said.

“One of the issues that has come out today is the cost of tests which is high and we are going to discuss the matter with the Ministry of Health and Covid19 taskforce to find a way if possible tests can come down or be taken by the government.”



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