Women Football: ‘Covid19 Testing Is The Biggest Challenge’

Women Football Coaches have welcomed the idea of Sports Resumption but have revealed discontent in the new regulations.

On Sunday, President Museveni, gave a greenlight to sports return in the country for the first time since March 18 when a ban on public gatherings was effected.

However, the President said that players must be tested 72 hours before the match, and every after 14 days.

Other restrictions include prohibiting of fans from attending the games.

Government set Covid19 test fees at sh240500 per individual.

Sports Resumption comes at a time when Uganda Women Under-17 team is preparing to host their Cameroon counterparts in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Pande Sadam Cifu (Olila high Women team) – It is real good news for us to get back after 186 days, it is a good feeling in sports because most of the sportsmen and sportswomen earn living from there. It has not been easy more so for the girls side because many had no access even to personal training, others forced into early marriages by their parents, now that we are back again, then the disaster is solved and we can’t wait to kick start again but urge every person to follow SOPs because Covid19 is real.

However, I think the biggest challenge is going to be testing of the these players at different intervals because for instance our clubs have no sponsors which is the case in Women football, so I think Sh250000 for every player to be tested is too much which our clubs cannot handle, so I expect government to come in

Bright Nyanzi (Rines) – We as sports people, we are very happy for the return of sports in the country but resumption has come up with many challenges. Firstly, quarantining players for the process of tournament is costly, no team can afford it. Secondly, testing of players after two weeks at the expense of the club is extremely costly.

Also, playing games without fans will also affect the clubs since many clubs get some fees from gate collection which help in the running of the club. However, I continue to request different players to continue observing safety measures to prevent Covid19.

Zzinda Ali (She Cooperates) – I am so happy about the news of the sports resumption activities across the country. We have lost some talent during this period we have been closed. As a country, I think we have lost revenue collected from sports industry like People dealing in purchasing and selling of sports equipments and gears have not been working, etc.

As a coach who loves developing, guiding, mentoring and nurturing talents, am so glad that the platform is open again for me to show case. I would love to work in safe and conducive environment because we all know how deadly Covid19 is.



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