Emotions And Mindset – The Obstacles In Coaching Girls

Rines Girls team coach Bright Nyanzi says that coaching girls requires a lot of determination.

Rines finished fifth on the log in the Elizabeth group of the 2019/20 FUFA Women Elite category with 11 points before the season was ended due to Covid19 pandemic.

Nyanzi, who started as a Boys coach, explained how he switched to Women Football.

“I joined Rines school as the head coach of their boys team” Nyanzi explains to The-SportsNation.

“When I reached there, I saw some group of girls playing and participating in football with boys, and they were indeed playing well which got me by surprise. I picked interest from then.

“I decided to separate them from boys such that I can offer them enough time in terms of coaching. With time, these girls adopted many football skills and in 2019, the school management appointed me coach for the girls team.”

Rines Girls team coach Bright Nyanzi

However, he says that connecting and bringing the girls together in terms of mindset has not been a simple task due to different obstacles.

“Most of the girls still have negative mindset on soccer, they think the game is for boys so at times I find it hard to force them to play the game,” Nyanzi adds.

“Secondly, they are very emotional; for example, they don’t want to be blamed in case of mistakes, they feel like they are being put down.”

Rines Girls Team

With all challenges above, Nyanzi says that he has been able to pick good lessons.

He adds that it is “easy” to make a legacy as a coach in women football because it is not very “competitive”.

“In case you adopt and be in good moods with them, they are easy to teach which makes coaching easy.

“Lastly, Women football is becoming a big deal in Uganda and in the world, so as a coach, I am ready to keep the nurturing many girls.”



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